Our brand new roof cupolas are designed and built right in the heart of Amish country, PA by
skilled Amish craftsmen. Our cupolas are of the highest quality, with clean, fresh designs; the
very definition of quality craftsmanship and a perfect addition to any home or building to add
beauty and value. We use no-maintenance vinyl PVC board and elegant copper sheeting in the
construction of our cupolas, which means they’ll hold up even through tough weather. Our
cupolas are made to fit just about any roof and custom options are available. Get more
information or a free quote today by contacting us here, or check out our product offerings below!

For a free quote, please fill out our
Contact Us page. Our affordable prices make it hard to say
no! You can also visit our gallery of customer photos to see for yourself how these cupolas can
add to the beauty of your home. Our cupola offerings include:
Authentic Amish Cupolas
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barn cupola pic
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Elite Cupolas -

Our elite Amish cupolas are top of the line with double louvers or double
windows on each side. Made from PVC board and copper casting, our elite
design makes a beautiful addition to any building.

View our Elite Cupolas now.
Hexagonal Cupolas -

Our hexagonal cupolas add an even more unique and elegant look to your
home. Perfect with a finial attachment such as a weather vane or bell, our
hexagonal cupolas have a base large enough to fit just about any roof.

View our Hexagonal Cupolas.
vinyl cupola photo
Elite Hexagon Cupola -

Our top of the line cupolas are made of maintenance-free Azek vinyl material
and designed for maximum beauty, quality and durability. Featuring crown
moldings and your choice of a copper bell roof or copper concave roof, these
cupolas are built to stand the test of time.

View our Elite Hexagon Cupolas now.
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Vented Window Cupolas -

Crafted by an Amish family that has been building cupolas for generations, our
vented window cupolas are designed for form and function. Windows can be
left clear or finished with stained glass and can provide both light and
ventilation in your shed or attic.

View our Vented Window Cupolas now.
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Select Series Octagonal Cupolas -

Elegantly designed to be the perfect addition to your home, garage or barn.
Choose from maintenance-free vinyl or western red cedar wood and our
pagoda or bell shaped copper roof. A standard hole and interior mount for
weathervanes is included along with hole plug kits in case you don't use a

View our Select Series Octagonal Cupolas.
gazebo cupola graphic
Shed & Gazebo Cupolas -

Add style to your shed or gazebo with our distinct shed cupolas. Choose from a
straight sided aluminum or copper roof or a concave copper roof. Aluminum
roofs come in a variety of colors.

View our Shed & Gazebo cupolas now.
Select Series Shed Cupolas -

These vinyl constructed cupolas make an elegant addition to any shed or
outbuilding. With a flared base and aluminum roof with matching louvers in
various colors, this cupola is sure to add beauty to your building.

View our Select Series Shed Cupolas now.
Amish Cupolas -

Made of vinyl and copper and built with decorative windows or classic louvers.
The base is made large enough for 12 pitch roofs plus 3 inches of clearance -
perfect for any house!

View our Amish Cupolas now.

Authentic Amish Cupolas

Buy your authentic Amish Cupola today!

Whether you’re looking for a simple or more complex design, you’ll find something to love in our
cupola offerings. You can even add various finials to the top of your cupola such as a weather vane
or distinct spire or other ornament to make your cupola even more picture perfect.

We build our cupolas with care, using the finest materials – no cheap plastic, metal, plywood,
fiberglass or easily rusted iron or steel involved! From coast to coast, you won’t find a company
with a better group of builders or more history than www [dot] Amish Country Products and More
[dot] com. We define our co. by our products – you won’t find higher quality cupolas for a better
price anywhere.

Whether your plans involve remodeling or just a few additional decorations to the exterior of your
house, we’ve got cupolas to fit any shape or size home. Station your cupola on your home, shed, or
garage along with a new or used weathervane to add that extra something to your property to make
your neighbors sit up and notice. Because let’s face it, the way you decorate the exterior of your
home is a sign of how you treat the inside of your home. So make your home the center of attention
by installing a new cupola today!

Please contact us for any additional information. Check back often to see if there are any discount
cupolas available, or sales running on our current stock. Occasionally we will run a sale on
specific cupolas, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any information on sales or discounts.

Once you’ve installed one of our cupolas we’d love to see how it looks! Please feel free to send us
pictures or images of your new addition. Also, please let us know whether your photo can be
posted online for cupola kit.

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